Additional species are availabe upon request.

Keeping with the tradition of original hardwood Wide Plank Flooring, we carry exceptional widths and the longest flooring planks available in the industry. Our use of wider width and longer length planks reduces the number of end seams in the floor, creating a more authentic feel. Our standard hardwoods include American Cherry, Hard Maple, Hickory, Red Oak, Walnut, and White Oak.

Our fine selection of high quality hardwood Wide Plank Flooring is divided in two basic grades; Select, and Character. Both grades are sawn from premium quality hardwoods, and differ only in the appearance they bring to their environment. Our Select Plank Flooring is set apart for its limited number of knots, even grain structure, exceptional widths, and extra long lengths. Our Country Plank Flooring also retains the exceptional widths, and extra long lengths but is set apart for the unique character that comes with color variation, solid knots, and other variations that occur either due to anomalies in the species, or due to the unique environment in which the species grew. Our Hardwood Plank Flooring is available in widths of up to 12-inches, and industry-leading lengths of up to 16-feet.

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