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Wire Brushed Plank Flooring


Cherry trees belong to the rose family. Cherry wood varies from rich reddish brown to creamy white. The color of a Cherry floor will darken over time as it is exposed to light.


Widths:               5” to 12”
Lengths:              2’ to 16’
Thickness:           3/4”
Grades:               Character, Select
Surface:              Unfinished, All Hand Crafted Surfaces

A highly prized hardwood for centuries, it is famous for its wonderful reddish color that deepens with age. This makes a very special floor, and is frequently chosen for more formal settings. Our Character grade Cherry plank flooring combines the characteristic deep red color of the heartwood, with the lighter-colored tones of the sapwood and the addition of small, sound knots and check marks. Our Select grade Cherry plank flooring is the finest grade we produce, sawn from the section of the tree where there are few or no branches, producing a clean, and more distinguished look. American Cherry hardwood flooring causes a lush, mellow feel that is certain to dramatically transform any living space.

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