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Hardwood Wide Plank Flooring
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Walnut Plank Flooring


Walnut trees grow in the Eastern and Central United States. Its natural color ranges from a creamy white to a dark chocolate brown. It develops a rich patina and grows more lustrous with age. Walnut also finishes very well, and is often used with light colored woods (such as Maple) to create a dynamic contrast.

Widths:     5” to 12”
Lengths:     2’ to 16’ (lengths over 12’ subject to availability)
Thickness:     3/4"
Grades:     Character, Select
Surface:     Unfinished, Pre-finished, Handcrafted Available
Price:     from $7.90/SF Unfinished

Walnut is a captivating hardwood with dark, deep, rich heartwood tones that are intermittently highlighted by small streaks of lighter sapwood. As with all of our hardwoods, we only select the heartwood of old, slow growth timber. It is in this slow growth heartwood that the signature swirling patterns of Walnut hardwood are found, which uniquely set apart each plank as a distinctive element of the finished floor. The fluid association in the grain gives wide Walnut plank flooring a lively, renewing character that is exceptionally pleasing to even the most discriminating eye. Walnut merges easily into rustic and formal settings alike. The dark tones of Walnut hardwood are ideal for use in libraries, studies, or offices where one desires to create an atmosphere of warmth and rich character.

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