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Wire Brushed Plank Flooring


White Oak grows throughout the Northern and Eastern hardwood forests. It accepts stain very evenly. Its natural color ranges from white to light brown to pinkish/reddish brown.


Widths:               5” to 12”
Lengths:              2’ to 16’
Thickness:           3/4”
Grades:               Character, Select
Surface:              Unfinished, All Hand Crafted Surfaces

Truly a favorite all-American floor White Oak hardwood has a centuries-old rich heritage, being the traditional choice for countless homes. The grayish charcoal color tones inherent in White Oak plank flooring reconstruct the look of that seen in countryside castles in Europe – this style is sometimes referred to as the French Plank style. For over a century, Americans have used this multipurpose hardwood for flooring throughout their homes. From kitchens to libraries, White Oak plank flooring compliments every type of room. The brown undertones inherent in White Oak exemplify a strong, clean look. Our White Oak plank flooring compliments both traditional and contemporary design styles.

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