Additional species are availabe upon request.

Using reclaimed or recycled soft or hardwood Plank Flooring has a low impact on the environment, since the material was already harvested long ago. This means no new trees need to be cut to install your Wide Plank Floor. Our fine selection of reclaimed flooring includes Antique Chestnut, Antique Heart Pine, and Antique Oak woods.

Our reclaimed Wide Plank Flooring is crafted from reclaimed barn boards, and re-sawn antique barn beams. Reclaimed wood is full of rustic character from nail holes, insect scaring, checking, old knots, cracks and the daily toil of work and weather. Conserve a piece of history by preserving part of our nations past for the future by using our reclaimed wood in your home. Our reclaimed Wide Plank Flooring will add the warmth, character and atmosphere of a country house to any living space.

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