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Reclaimed Plank Flooring
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Reclaimed Chestnut Plank Flooring


The American Chestnut tree was a large, deciduous tree of the beech family native to eastern North America. Before the species was devastated by the chestnut blight (circa 1900-1908), it was one of the most important forest trees throughout its range.


Widths:     4” to 12” (subject to availability)
Lengths:     2’ to 16’ (subject to availability)
Thickness:     3/4"
Grades:     Antique Character, Antique Select
Surface:     Unfinished, Pre-finished, Handcrafted Available
Price:     from $12.90/SF Unfinished

Because Chestnut has become extinct, lumber from this precious species is in very limited supply. This beautiful rare wood is generally recovered from old buildings, farmhouses and barns. We reclaim this tradition-rich hardwood and bring its unique beauty to your home, helping to preserve a beautiful piece of American history one plank at a time.

Antique Chestnut reclaimed wood varies in color from a light brown to a dark chocolate, and commonly contains worm holes, nail holes, discoloration from outdoor elements, and occasional sound knots. Antique Chestnut wide plank flooring will bring a rich, warm, antique feel to any room, making it ideal for dens and libraries. Our Antique Reclaimed Chestnut flooring is kiln dried to 6-8% moisture content for optimal stability.

Reclaimed Chestnut Plank Floor
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