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Wire Brushed Plank Flooring


Because of its strength and durability, heart pine was declared the “King’s wood” for shipbuilding when America was first colonized. Heart pine once framed four of every five houses in the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida.


Widths:               4” to 12” (subject to availability)
Lengths:              1’ to 16’ (subject to availability)
Thickness:           3/4”
Grades:               Rustic, Select
Surface:              Unfinished, All Hand Crafted Surfaces

Revered for its rich history, as well as its beauty and durability, Antique Heart Pine brings historic character to any room. With its beautiful red tones ranging from light rose, to deep burgundy in color, and its stunning variety of grain patterns Antique Heart Pine plank floors are sure to gain the admiration of every eye. Our Antique Heart Pine Plank Flooring is a reclaimed wood sawn from antique beams and timbers, recycled from old factories and barns mainly in the north eastern United States.

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