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Handcrafted Plank Flooring
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Hand Scraped Plank Flooring


In Colonial times, an era when most structures were built from wood, lumber was sawn to exceptional widths and impressive lengths for use in construction of all types of structures. Colonial carpenters would use a hand tool to hew the surface of planks intended for flooring to smooth the coarseness. This method used to plane the flooring created a gorgeous natural hand-textured surface. In modern times, our manufacturing techniques are much more precise, but every plank still has to be hand worked by our craftsmen to recreate this authentic look.


Hand Finishes shown below, from left to right; Fixed widths with Hand Scraped Face & Edges, Mixed widths with Hand Scraped Face & Edges, Mixed widths with Hand Scraped Edges (click on image for larger view).

Click for larger view

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