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Blackford and Sons is a true family owned and operated business. Scott Blackford started with a love for working with his hands, a desire to work with his children, and a sawmill. This love grew into what is now Blackford & Sons, where every day Scott and his Sons work to craft the finest wide plank flooring available.

Blackford and Sons

Many manufacturers will try to sell you their wood flooring on the notion that the wood they use is somehow different and superior to all others, or that their process is unique, etc. - these are clever marketing tactics, but they fall short on substance.

Here at Blackford & Sons, we're not out to sell you our floors through clever marketing or claims of superior wood quality found nowhere else. We understand that what makes a truly remarkable wood floor is not just good quality timber, or precision processing, but the hands that craft each board - hands that truly care about the work they are doing. This is what makes a truly remarkable wood floor that will last for a lifetime.

This is what we do.

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Hardwood Wide Plank FlooringReclaimed Wood FlooringDistressed Wood Flooring

Each wood plank bears its own unique character. The grain, color variation, imperfections, all coming together to shape the character of the plank and ultimately the character of the floor as a whole. We believe that the floors we craft will ultimately be a reflection of the character and lifestyles of our customers. For this reason, we take personal interest in all of our customers’ tastes, lifestyles, and the specific looks they have in mind for the floor they desire in their homes.

From eco-friendly reclaimed wood flooring like our antique Oak, to newly sawn hardwoods like our Walnut plank flooring, our floors will set your home apart from all others. What makes our plank floors stand out so vibrantly are the extra long lengths (up to sixteen-feet), and exceptional widths (up to twelve-inches). These features coupled with our beautiful set of handcrafted distressed wood flooring options like our new EuroScrape™, are sure to provide everything you need to make your dream floor a reality.





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