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Distressed Wood Flooring

Hand Scraped Distressed Wood FlooringSaw Kerf Distressed Wood Flooring

Wire Brushed Distressed Wood Flooring

Selecting one of our beautiful handcrafted surfaces is the perfect solution for attaining either an antique looking, or distressed wood floor.

We highly recommend a handcrafted surface to those looking for a true old-world feel for their wide plank floor, or simply a unique distressed look that will gain the attention of every eye. Handcrafted styles include Hand Scraped, EuroScrape, Saw Kerf, Stonewashed Walnut, and Wire Brushed. Whichever style you choose your distressed wood floor will reflect the same antique characteristics of American old-world floors hundreds of years old. We recreate this aged look through carefully hand-working and distressing the wood, giving each plank the same authentic integrity and distinctive character as that seen in some of the earliest American homes. Our handcrafted surfaces are available for all of our Hardwood plank floors, as well as our Reclaimed wood offerings.





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